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​Laugh, smile, share, love, enjoy, give, receive. Become intimate, innovate, respect, meet. Wetsweets is nature, sport, open air but above all it is feminity. Colors that avoid black in a world dominated by blue.

Wetsweets is a fun project, different, individual. Aimed at those women who, regardless of age, enjoy the sea, rivers, water.

Audacious, direct, forceful, decisive and innovative. Handy and flirty at the same time. Almost always clear and serene. Secure and often courageous. For them, for us, an explosion of colors!

Wetsweets are surfsuits made with a new material, made in 100×100 in Barcelona and created by us. This material lies between the neoprene and the lycra. Providing the advantages of both fabrics: keeps the body heat, stops the wind, it’s hard enough to bear the seawater and at the same time, provides the elasticity as well as the subjection that the women body needs when she’s doing sport. This material breaths. Is in this way that you can use in whatever sport that you aim.